Currently in Vancouver, BC
J. Baek
Changing the world, bit by bit.
I'm currently a thesis master's at SFU in computer science, researching in the field of HCI/AI. I'm working towards building a foundational technology that would help realize my vision of creating a galactic empire, aiming to propel humanity to reach the stars and explore the entire galaxy. My research interests revolve around leveraging AI to serve humanity and propel its advancement. I'm particularly fascinated by the intersection of AI with social networks and various other domains, with a primary focus on contributing to the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. I've been actively involved in maintaining an Open WebUI (, striving to democratize AI technologies for everyone. My mission is to create the best open-source AI user interface imaginable, and then push it even further. This initiative is just one facet of my broader plan to push the boundaries of AI innovation, with more initiatives underway. Worked as a cofounder at an edtech startup, Erudio Labs (, where I designed and launched a web-based answer sheet scanner that instantly generates an exam report with tailored feedback. Accessible using any device, removing the need to buy a physical scanner. I have also worked at LG as a software engineer alongside my other projects.