transient sunsets
Published Apr 18, 2023 by Timothy J. Baek

As we journey through life, we encounter a myriad of people who cross our paths - some stay for a while, while others fade away. Just like the fleeting moments of a captivating sunset that we may miss capturing on our phone, it's a reminder that people come and go, and that's okay. Life is a continuous cycle of hellos and goodbyes, and as we bid adieu to some, new faces are bound to emerge, enriching our lives in unforeseen ways.

Much like the ever-changing hues of a sunset, people too can bring diverse colors and shades to our lives. They may illuminate our days with their vibrant presence, or cast a calming glow with their serene demeanour. But just as the sun sets and disappears below the horizon, people may also depart from our lives, leaving behind cherished memories and valuable lessons. It can be bittersweet, for the bond we once had may fade, but it's a reminder of the transient nature of life, and the impermanence of relationships.

It's like when we are unable to capture the perfect sunset moment on our phone because we forgot to bring it with us. We may feel a sense of regret or disappointment, but we also realise that there will be more breathtaking sunsets in the future, waiting to be experienced and cherished. Similarly, in life, as we bid adieu to people who were once significant in our lives, we can also embrace the prospect of new connections and relationships that await us. Just as the setting sun makes way for a new day, letting go of certain people can create space for new ones to enter our lives and leave an indelible mark.

Moreover, just like a captivating sunset that leaves an imprint in our memories, the people who come and go in our lives also leave their mark. They shape us, influence us, and contribute to our growth and development. Even if they are no longer physically present, their impact lingers, and their absence serves as a reminder of the preciousness of the moments we shared with them.

So, how do we navigate this constant ebb and flow of people in our lives? How do we cope with goodbyes and cherish hellos? How do we embrace the transience of relationships and still find meaning in them? These questions may not have straightforward answers, but they serve as profound reflections that prompt us to ponder the nature of human connections and the impermanence of life itself.

In conclusion, just like the fleeting moments of a picturesque sunset that we may miss capturing on our phone, people come and go in our lives, and that's okay. It's a reminder that life is ever-changing, and relationships are ephemeral. We may feel a sense of loss or nostalgia when people depart, but it also creates space for new connections and experiences. The memories and lessons that people leave behind continue to shape us, even when they are no longer present. So, as we navigate the inevitable comings and goings of people in our lives, let's cherish the moments, embrace the transience, and be open to new encounters, for that is the essence of life's journey - a constant cycle of hellos and goodbyes, with the promise of new beginnings. After all, just like the sunset, there will always be more exquisite moments awaiting us on the horizon.

Now, we must ask ourselves: How many breathtaking sunsets will we miss if we keep holding on to the ones that have passed?