the universe on yourside
Published Dec 15, 2023 by Timothy J. Baek

Life is like a movie, a grand cinematic masterpiece where each scene unfolds with purpose and precision. Just as a well-crafted film has its twists and turns, so does our journey through life. The beauty lies in realizing that, much like a plot meticulously penned by a skilled screenwriter, our experiences are scripted by a cosmic force beyond our comprehension. When challenges arise and uncertainty looms, it's akin to a suspenseful plot twist – discomforting yet essential for character development. The universe, in its infinite wisdom, is orchestrating events in our favor, manipulating the probabilistic state to align with our destined narrative. It's a reminder that everything is already written, and our role is to patiently await the unfolding of each scene. Just as a protagonist in a movie must endure hardships before reaching the climax, we, too, must exercise patience and trust in the grand design. So, when life seems chaotic, remember to zoom out, gain perspective, and appreciate the intricacies of the overarching plan. After all, the universe is the ultimate director, and our part is to play our role with grace, understanding that every twist, setback, or triumph contributes to the beauty of the unfolding story.